CorpXSasia attempts to be truly transparent on pricing, charging a flat fee per successfully arranged meeting. We provide last mile access that is free from contractual commitments on a 'pay as you go' structure. We work off the unique model where the 'initiating party pays', ultimately ensuring that your annual cost of Corporate Access averages out. You will only pay for the meetings that actually take place and there is no tiering in pricing related to the role of an individual.

Your logistical costs are passed through to you along with a small booking cost, allowing you to separate actual Corporate Access charges from logistics and fully comply with MiFID II guidelines.

Initiating party pays

General Meetings

Only the travelling party pays.

CorpXSasia believes that results are optimised when only the travelling party pays, ensuring the entirety of decisions can be made without content and structure being compromised.

The result is that a balance is reached where both parties benefit: investors can be confident they are meeting corporates serious about their shareholders and listed corporates meet only serious and well briefed investors. The payment structure promotes efficient corporate access.

Reverse RoadshowsInstitutional Investors are charged
Corporates are charged

The benefit of this structure is that costs are spread equally between investors and corporates. Each time you accept a meeting, through CorpXSasia, in your home base as an investor you are not required to make any payment nor are responsible for any associated admin fees.

Corporate meetings@ flat fee
Logistics@ cost + booking fee of GBP 50

Simple Pricing Structure

No double charging: We will never charge both an investor and a corporate for the same meeting. Some institutional investors’ internal guidelines oblige them to pay for an incoming NDR meetings in their office. In such a case we can invoice you accordingly but will set this amount aside and you can use it as a credit towards the next reverse roadshow you take with CorpXSasia.

No price tiering: We don’t base our prices on the rank of the corporate individual you are meeting but rather on the effort it takes to book the meeting, maintain the network and provide backup services. All office meetings arranged by us, for listed companies, are the same price whether you meet the IR, Chairman, CFO, Company Secretary or the CEO.

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Our services


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Efficient Corporate Access days meeting investors in any global Investment Centre.
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