CorpXSasia organises bespoke meeting itineraries between Institutional Investors and Corporate representatives anywehere in Asia.

At CorpXSasia we represent you as the Institutional Investor when booking your corporate meetings, essentially functioning as your extended network in Asia. In the current climate, where travel is somewhat impossible, we have had to adapt with technology becoming key in keeping in touch with Corporate counterparts.

While still offering our traditional Corporate Access products as outlined below, we now offer a virtual alternative.


Local representatives in Asia.

At CorpXSasia we recognise the importance of finding and meeting the right companies, and within that, the correct individuals. Our local representatives have a deep understanding of the market they cover and the Corporates active in it.



In current situations where travel is complicated, or even somewhat impossible, the use of technology becomes crucial in keeping in touch with Corporate counterparts. Video and conference calls as an alternative can prove to be incredibly complementary to your existing Corporate Access strategy. For more information please click here.


We arrange Corporate Access itineraries for 2-5 Institutional Investors travelling on pre-arranged field trips to anywhere in Asia, pursuing an investment theme. Travelling in company allows the sharing of different perspectives, stimulation of new ideas and the questioning of old ones.

Thematic Roadshows can also be taken as virtually, set up as small group highly interactive sessions you will speak with leading channel experts and listed Corporates from the chosen investment theme.

Visit our interactive Offerings page here to see current Thematic Roadshows and Events


Your efficient Corporate Access partner across time and language barriers.

CorpXSasia organises fully integrated, bespoke Corporate Access itineraries for Institutional Investors travelling on field trips to anywhere in Asia. By managing the entire process, we provide you with an integrated itinerary that contains all the elements and information required to execute your Reverse Roadshow confidently allowing you to focus full on your corporate meetings.

Reverse Roadshows can also be taken as virtually, where you will still receive a schedule and speak with 3-4 Corporates of your choosing in a day.

Itinerary Example


Our local presence enables us to offer a seamless end-to-end logistics service.

We regard logistics arrangements as an extra service to our clients, so we pass the actual costs directly to you without a profit margin. Due to our longstanding relationships with such organisations we can often obtain the most competitive prices. We are happy to assist you in all forms of logistics, whether that be ground logistics, obtaining corporate rates for hotel bookings, flights or reservations at a particular restaurant.


CorpXSasia can arrange meetings with various insight providers at the request of the Institutional Investor. We apply the highest ethical standards to ensure that individuals are not only authorised to speak on behalf of their company/organisation but that we do not facilitate any bribery or corruption(*please see our anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy).

Our Services

Our services

Reverse Roadshow

Regulation Compliant and Future proof

Bridging the time and language barrier resulting in an imminently more cost effective corporate access trip.
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Our services

Thematic Roadshow

Bespoke, Transparent and Efficient

Bespoke corporate access itineraries for 2–5 investment managers to anywhere in Asia pursuing an investment theme.
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