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In current situations where travel is complicated, or even somewhat impossible, the use of technology becomes crucial in keeping in touch with Corporate counterparts. This alternative can prove to be incredibly complementary to your existing Corporate Access strategy. Showcasing premium video technology and unrivalled access to Corporates, we handle all elements of your Virtual Thematic Roadshow. This is both a cost effective and time efficient solution, ensuring you have the same level of access as a traditional Thematic Roadshow.

Meetings will be set up to coincide with the European Morning and Asian Afternoon. To begin we will request your available days, these do not need to be consecutive but we will need 2 weeks lead time, in order to start arranging the meetings.

Your internal rate card price for 1:1 meetings. If you do not have one please contact us at to discuss!

The day before your Virtual Thematic Roadshow is set to begin, we will send you a link to test that all elements of our technology are compatible with your internal systems. This will ensure everything goes smoothly on the day! Our video system has the highest level of quality, with no speech or image delays. We pride ourselves on ease of use and flexibility, with a simple click through link to take you directly to the virtual meeting room which can be done on your PC, laptop or mobile and by multiple members of the team.

Our Services

Our services

Reverse Roadshow

Regulation Compliant and Future proof

Bridging the time and language barrier resulting in an imminently more cost effective corporate access trip.
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Our services

Thematic Roadshow

Bespoke, Transparent and Efficient

Bespoke corporate access itineraries for 2–5 investment managers to anywhere in Asia pursuing an investment theme.
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