CorpXSasia brings you three of the hottest China A-share tours.

China A-Share Primer Tour   

China A-Share Dividend Yield Tour  

China A-Share Discovery Tour 

Three seperate 5-day tours, that can be taken consecutively or mixed and matched to create your perfect bespoke trip. 

Prices inclusive of logistics, lunches and transportation, this is the most competitive pricing available. We aim to keep groups limited to a maximum of five investors to ensure the highest quality.

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China A-Share Dividend Yield Tour 
 If dividend income is a significant part of your investment process, then this tour was made for you. The China A-share Dividend Yield Tour is designed to offer a selection of interesting, well managed companies offering both growth and value with a blended yield of 4.73%. Focus is placed on A-shares with a strong track record of paying dividends and a sustainable pay-out ratio. 


 China A-Share Primer Tour  
Much like its namesake, this tour aims to prime you on the top A-share companies available to foreign investors. A-shares offer broader and deeper representations of the entire Chinese economy, coupled with their exposure to the full economy and lower levels of systemic risk to both developed and emerging markets. This is an attractive opportunity to expand your knowledge on the A-Share market.



China A-Share Discovery Tour   
Due to the substantial sell off during 2018, now is the time to explore the hidden value in China's A-Share Market. Working with local partners we have compiled a list of 20-25 value A-Share propositions, which meet the criteria of well-managed, ESG/SRI principled and transparent. 4 day multi-city tour, with a potential one day mini-conference, exploring China's A-Share Market.  

 Mini Conference  
50 minute meeting

If there was ever a time to visit China A-share companies, the time is now.   

Get in touch to start planning your optimal China A-Share trip.

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A-Shares: Why should you travel with CorpXSasia?

CorpXSasia has now organised various A-share trips, meeting with various domestic listed companies in various parts of China. The success of these trips is largely reliant on the attention to detail as there are a number of hurdles to overcome aside from logistics and translations. 

Logistics: Most A-Share do not have easily accessible, downtown offices but rather are set up in their factories – therefore it is essential to plan well ahead and have a driver who is “in the know” on where to find these, typically, lesser well known addresses.

Translation: Not all company representatives speak English to a high level of financial fluency.

Although the above are important, they are also fairly easily resolved, however the below have proven to be more difficult.

  • Conviction: A-share companies do not always see reason in meeting with foreign investors, as a result a detailed explanation of who the investor is, what the aim and reason behind the meeting are all required in Chinese.
  • Reconfirming: Once the company agrees to a meeting, the timing must be confirmed and re-confirmed with a high potential of last-minute cancellation.
  • Rescheduling: Often, on the day, the timeslots of meetings are moved requiring a local back up who can handle these changes and ensure the efficiency of your schedule.

As the aforementioned suggests, it is crucial to have in place a dedicated and capable infrastructure to arrange your A-Share trip in a professional and efficient manner.

In an environment where it has become the norm for service providers to minimise costs, ultimately affecting the standard of resources and the efforts involved (let alone most of them becoming automated) we make it our business to pay attention to detail and organise your complete itinerary: from setting up the meetings, assuring companies of the importance, reconfirmation, optimising your itinerary and providing full local support while you are on the ground. 

Our Services

Our services

Reverse Roadshow

Regulation Compliant and Future proof

Bridging the time and language barrier resulting in an imminently more cost effective corporate access trip.
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Our services

Thematic Roadshow

Bespoke, Transparent and Efficient

Bespoke corporate access itineraries for 2–5 investment managers to anywhere in Asia pursuing an investment theme.
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