Indian Consumer Thematic Roadshow

India's emerging middle class has been a proxy to the Indian consumption story. A young and working population has attracted investors and companies alike with the promise of secular long term consumption growth that is based on category penetration, premiumisation and aspirational consumption. In this 5 day trip, we take the road less travelled into the heart of India's consumer story. We will meet with both consumer companies and a variety of industry professionals to take you through India's consumer premiumisation and aspirational journey.

The itinerary will include channel checks and consumer interactions across an 8 hour and 350km road trip exploring India's tier II and tier III /rural locations.


PENETATION: Multiple categories in consumer good as well as staples are still under penetrated in India, offering a long and secular run way of growth. We explore and interact with distributors on the ground to understand what's moving and what's not.

PREMIUMISATION: Along with rising disposable incomes, the consumption of premium products and services is expected to rise, leading to margin improvement for companies that are trying to move up the consumption chain.

ASPIRATION: With the connected world, the Indian consumer is aspiring to be like their global counterparts, rewriting rules for Indian as well as Global companies that previously saw India as a value and cost conscious market. We will meet with young Indians who are shaping India and discover what and how their consumption is changing.

CHANNEL CHECK HYPOTHESIS - What are we checking and why?

Double digit volume growth should be possible in under-penetrated categories: With the staples volume growth now in single digits it is important to understand and whether there are any categories which still have a potential to post double digit volume growth. Premiumisation remains strong, leading to margin expansion: With single digit volume growth in staples, margin expansion can either be backed by cost savings or premiumisation in existing categories. Discretionary spend remains robust: As Indian consumers start aspiring more, discretionary spend is likely to remain robust, with certain categories disconnected from economic reality.


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