China Digital Trip

Nowhere in the world are new technological innovations so quickly implemented with such a substantive effect on the real economy. Artificial intelligence, E-commerce, Robotism, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, all of which are important variables determining future scale advantages and consumer benefit. This new digital era will allow retailers and brand marketers to understand their consumers in a more precise manner, with operational output reaching a higher level of efficiency while improving consumer experience. Digital Media and clever advertising are becoming therefore a much more powerful weapon in the battle for the consumer. New Ecosystems with embedded app’s hold powerful access to consumers, furthering their own product placements.

With globalisation and specialisation making CSCO and supply chain more strategic to businesses, this tour is aimed at discovering the important new aspects that digital media has to offer in China.

This trip contains a great number of very high-end experts who deliver unrivalled insights on their respective fields of expertise. Not just company visits but a thorough deep dive into Digital Media. In case there is demand for a day of Hangzhou visits (Alibaba, Ant Fin, Alipay, Duozhun) we can extend the program with a day.




Max 5 investors.

Available dates
12 Aug 2019 - 16 Aug 2019
Price: 0.00 | Deposit: 0.00 | Max seats: 5 | Open: 4

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