China Property Market

During 2018 we have seen tier-2 cities race to build more affordable, high quality housing in the form of single-lease, dormitory-style, townhouse, and premium to attract and retain young, working professionals. The intended result is to increase supply and ultimately find solutions for affordability issues. The reason? Government support towards the sector is less about housing than expanding the economic capability and skilled work force within lower tiered cities. In particular, second-tier cities are looking to attract the newly graduated, and highly educated workforce and are doing so through long-term rental Housing. The end goal of course, is for these young professionals to mature into home-buyers.

The October sell-off has resulted in the sector now trading on quite compelling valuations in PER and P/B terms, offering attractive FCF yields. Given real estate is a significant contributor to GDP, particularly if one includes ancillary industries such as white good sales, this explains recent Government actions on easing market liquidity and providing indirect support to the sector.

The key will be to identify the financial and operating models employed (asset-light managed, or asset-heavy developed/managed, as well as service/support companies), yield potential, and prospects.

Join us on this China Property Tour to find the winners of this race to the top – we will be visiting larger developers, managed service and rental agencies as well as site visits and sector specialists.




Maximum 20 investors. The cost will depend on the final number of participants. Trip will go ahead with a minimum of 5 attendants.

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19 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019
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