EV Battery Trip

Last year China produced 60% of the EV batteries made in the world, signally that they were moving towards a more environmentally sound China – but as of 30th June, Asia Nikkei reported that Optimum was to halt production for six months, while at the same time China’s second largest batter producer (BYD) stated it would quadruple production by 2020.

What is causing this discrepancy in some players halting production while others pursue aggressive expansion plans? The battery industry seems stable with no risk of a major crash, but with a cut in subsidies and a rise in technical standards, this poses a threat to the smaller players. This trip aims to capture the reasons for the downfall of certain producers, and the successes of others, analysing the Chinese battery industry and its players.




Maximum 20 investors. The cost will depend on the final number of participants. Trip will go ahead with a minimum of 5 attendants.”

Available dates
13 May 2019 - 17 May 2019
Price: 0.00 | Deposit: 0.00 | Max seats: 5 | Open: 4

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