Indian Payments Tour

With more than 400 million smart phone users and 800 million mobile users, India has all the elements for a high growth payment systems market. But unlike its Chinese counter parts the Indian Payment infrastructure is state owned , built by the National payment's Corporation of India with it's UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which eliminates the need to have or store money in a digital wallet.

In such a scenario how will the giants scale up? Who will be victorious when there is a common level playing field?

Trip Objectives

  • To understand the payment services landscape in India.
  • To understand Indian Business models of Paytm (Owned by Alibaba and Softbank), PhonePe (Owned by Flipkart/Walmart) and Amazon Pay.
  • To understand the competitive intensity in the payments space and what makes them different from China.
  • To understand the Government's Role in the Payment Eco System.
  • To estimate Potential Growth for Paytm, PhonePe and Amazon Pay.



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