Indian Unicorn

The Indian Unicorn club was once a mystical creature, but by 2020 it is expected to expand to 34 tech start-ups from a current level of 12. More unicorns have emerged out of India during 2018 than in any previous year, marking the beginning of a more mature phase as venture capitalists invest larger sums into both new and established startups. In 2017, FlipKart became a Softbank favourite as they claimed $2.4bn in funding from its $93bn Vision Fund, marking the largest ever private capital infusion for any technology firm in the country. Although the number of unicorns coming out of India lags to the US and China, this year’s events point in the direction of increased investment and the current pool of over 100 tech startups, sailing smoothly into the billion-dollar club. Join us on a core 3-day program in Delhi and Mumbai. However, if you wanted to make this a real deep dive in the E-commerce and the IT niche world we would be happy to arrange 2 more days to Bangalore and Chennai. By then you will be equipped with all the essential information on who may be the next Indian Unicorn.




Max 5 investors.

Available dates
27 May 2019 - 31 May 2019
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