Korea: 5G focus

What is 5G? This is the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, succeeding the current 4G system. Side note, this is more than just fast internet (although it will allow you to download a full-length film in one second, compared to 40 seconds with 4G)– this will become the core infrastructure of technology that will drive the future of autonomous vehicles, IOT and virtual reality. As we continue to connect our mobile apps to our cars, drones, devices and even homes the new 5G will become increasingly crucial to the revolution of the Internet of Things. The 5G equipment industry is expected to reach around 10 trillion won, with around 1 billion users of 5G services globally by 2023.

Korea has always been at the forefront of technological advances - At the last Winter Olympics in Seoul the Olympic Torch was carried by a drone, and this year KT Corp used 5G mobile connections to create a larger than life light up dove – stating to the world that it was staking its claim on leading the world into future technologies. The real question is who will stake its claim on being the king of 5G? Join us in a tour looking at everything from Telecoms, semi-conductors and gaming to understand how this new generation of internet will guide us into the future of IOT.




Maximum 20 investors. The cost will depend on the final number of participants. Trip will go ahead with a minimum of 5 attendants.

Available dates
10 Jun 2019 - 12 Jun 2019
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