Korea: E-Commerce and internet

The Korean internet sector has been fast developing with names many investors are familiar with such as Naver, Kakao and SSG.com, however there remain many yet to be discovered. Now is the time to participate in an in depth tour around the various corners of the internet and E-commerce sectors of Korea. From the Korean equivalent of Amazon (Coupang) to the key player in big data (DouzoneBizon), this trip will provide you with an extensive view of the Korean E-commerce universe with visits to market leaders and up and coming start ups.

This high level tour is a must if you want to remain up to day and come back as the 만렙 (mallep) of Korean E-commerce!

Note: this tour will be organised in 1Q20 so please register asap in order for us to coordinate dates.




Max 5 places - first come first served basis.

Available dates

09 Oct 2019 - 09 Oct 2019
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