Korea: The K Beauty Era

The influence of this multi-billion-dollar industry is no secret. It has been the core of some of the best beauty innovations in decades, in fact so many of the Korean-born trends are so firmly embedded into the Western beauty offering it is easy to mistake their true origin. From makeup to skincare, complex regimes and awe inspiring packaging, Korea is a rising force in the global beauty sector. Korean women spend twice as much on make-up and beauty products than their American counterparts, with K beauty not just representing consumerism, but culture. South Korea is amongst the top 10 global beauty markets, with the key to this success deriving from the abundance of new product development, clever innovations and a consumer who is highly adaptable and engaged in trying new products. This is now starting to impact not only the global beauty market but the global beauty consumer. Women are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding consumers, and are increasingly searching for a targeted while multi-functional product; enter K Beauty.




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13 Jun 2019 - 14 Jun 2019
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