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Our new product 'Video & Conference call itineraries' is an efficient way of reaching out to Investment Managers but current and potential target shareholders without having to travel to the other side of the world. Especially in times of limited traveling options or face to face meetings this could be your ultimate solution to present your company effectively to investment managers globally.

CorpXSasia is a one stop shop with local staff in every Asian country, UK and the US and therefore able to reach out efficiently and take away a lot of hassle to set up calls over time and language barrier. Efficiency is our aim, providing you with a complete itinerary of relevant investment managers globally. We reach out to the investors on your behalf and will organise the video or conference call, test the equipment if required, re-confirm the meeting and arrange distribution of required material or make sure its shared during the meeting. Finally after all meetings are done you will receive a concise report with reliable and meaningful investor feedback;

In short;

  • Investor Targeting
  • Meeting scheduling & booking
  • Reconfirmation
  • Call infrastructure set up and testing
  • Meeting material distribution
  • Investor Feedback

As an example we can set up the below itinerary of 6 video calls per day during 5 days saving you the travel, jetlag and accompanying expenses whilst you can have no less than 30 interactions of 45 min discussion/presentation with the investor.


Investor one

08:00 am – 08:45 am

16:00 pm – 16:45 pm

Investor two

09:00 am – 09:45 am

17:00 pm – 17:45 pm

Investor three

10:00 am – 10:45 am

18:00 pm – 18:45 pm

Investor four

11:00 am – 11:45 am

19:00 pm – 19:45 pm

Investor five

12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

20:00 pm – 20:45 pm

Investor six

13:00 pm – 13:45 pm

21:00 pm – 21:45 pm

Meetings can be arranged through generally available solutions like Zoom or, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, though our propriety VideoXSasia. (see below).

We arrange a schedule and itinerary with a number of investors in a certain timeframe where either you provide us with the investors you’d like to interact with or we can offer the investor targeting based on our experience and network . Of course, the number of calls per day, the number of days as well as the length of calls is flexible and can be discussed further on arrangement.
Since the implementation of the new MiFID II regulations, Corporate Access meetings will have to be paid for on a stand alone basis. CorpXSasia charges very transparent and competitive rates for the arrangement where the instigator of the meeting is charged (link to prices page, if not registered to registration page)

Once you have registered on our site you will receive access to your very own dashboard where your booked calls are scheduled in an itinerary. You will be able to pay through normal invoicing or through a Stripe Credit Card system very efficiently.

You can download the full brochure here Corp X Sasia Virtual Corporate Access


Recently we have implemented our very own premium video system dedicated for Corporate Access and based on cooperation with field experts who realise there are sometimes unacceptable inefficiencies in publicly available systems. Particularly over time and language barriers there can be issues using non-dedicated systems particularly relating to security but also on areas like reliability and firewalls (particularly an issue in China), speech delays to the image, granularity and direct assistance in case something does not work the way it should.

The VideoXSasia system has the following advantages;

  • Maximum Security protocol
  • Premium image quality, no speech delay
  • Dedicated live help in case of an issue by technician
  • Ultimate reliability and ability to use on any device – keeping you flexible.
  • No need to download software – instant use through a link
  • No extensive system checks; only once per device; few minutes through an automated link.
  • Works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Host of ancillary services like screen sharing document sharing, meeting recording
  • Ability to simultaneous professional translation from the cloud (at extra cost)

On top of this comes of course our normal arrangement services like:

  • Itinerary compilation/meeting set up and meeting confirmation.
  • Set up of call schedule for all participants in local timezone
  • Local back-up reconfirming the meeting

VideoXSasia is a system that is particularly recommended when regular C-suite videocalls have to be made where nothing is left to the uncertain and efficiency is paramount. Please get in touch if this sparks your interest and we’ll be happy to discuss packages available.

We are also happy to send you a brochure with our combination packages; these are monthly subscription plans where we offer unlimited number of video calls with investors as well as a number of actual annual NDR’s (all included; meetings, ground transportation etc) therefore offering a total last-mile investor interaction plan.

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