Conference Call NDR's

Our new product 'Conference call NDR's' is an efficient way of reaching out to both current and potential shareholders without having to travel to the other side of the world. CorpXSasia is a one stop shop, providing you with a complete itinerary of the relevant institutional investment managers in Europe and/or the US. We organise the conference call, telecom infrastructure, distribution of presentation material and finally feedback from investors.

We typically advise on 30-minute calls, and a maximum of six calls per day. This would require around 4.5 hours in either the late afternoon or early evening to match with UK/European investors. Of course, the number of calls per day, as well as the length of calls, is flexible and can be discussed further on arrangement.

Much like a normal NDR, where you would travel overseas to see your (potential) investors, we would actively advise you on which investors would be interesting or best positioned for you to speak with based on AUM, size, approach, investment strategy and fund restrictions. We would also provide you with a detailed feedback report at the conclusion of the call.

Since the implementation of the new MiFID II regulations, arranging full blown NDR’s have become more difficult through the incumbent channels. Although CorpXSasia is well positioned as an alternative provider of such NDR’s we realise that the accompanying market pricing might not be within the budget constraints of some listed companies. This in turn leads to many CFO’s and IR’s wondering how to maintain the companies’ IR policy towards overseas investors. A ‘Conference Call NDR’ might be an efficient intermediary solution.

  • Investor Selection and discussion.
  • Itinerary compilation and meeting confirmation.
  • Set up of call infrastructure.
  • Back up when calls are made.
  • Feedback report.

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Bridging the time and language barrier resulting in an imminently more cost effective NDR.
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Efficient Corporate Access days meeting investors in any global Investment Centre.
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