Gift and Entertainment Policy

We generally permit the giving and receiving of business gifts and entertainment that are reasonable, are neither lavish nor excessive in frequency, are consistent with accepted, lawful business practices, and where no inference can be drawn that the gift or entertainment could influence you in the performance of your duties for CorpXSasia Ltd. But if not handled carefully, the giving or receiving of gifts or entertainment can be illegal or may damage CorpXSasia’s reputation, especially if it appears to influence a business decision.

Giving and receiving gifts and entertainment are always unacceptable if they are:

  • Illegal, including those that attempt or intend to influence or reward in connection with CorpXSasia business,
  • Given in exchange for a business referral to improperly influence, or to gain another form of business advantage,
  • In the form of cash or cash equivalents,
  • Indecent or otherwise do not comply with our values,
  • In excess of the USD 50 gift limitation and /or other applicable policies based on your position, or
  • Intended to circumvent our Travel Policies.

Before providing gifts or entertainment to individuals or entities involved in contract negotiations or competitive bidding with CorpXSasia, team members should discuss with their manager, with sensitivity to the potential for the appearance of improper influence.

  • When giving a gift or providing entertainment, keep in mind that your actions should never violate applicable laws, and they should be consistent with the customs and policies of CorpXSasia and the recipient.
  • Be aware that providing gifts or entertainment to public officials and government entities is controlled by very strict laws and regulations, violations of which can have severe consequences for you and for the company. Pre clear all proposed gifts and entertainment provided to public officials or (semi) government entities.

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