Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

CorpXSasia Ltd. does not tolerate bribery and corruption, which, in all forms, go against our values and our company policies, and violates the law. We do not offer or accept bribes or any other kind of improper payment, including facilitation payments or anything of value, and we do not do anything through a third party that we are not allowed to do ourselves.

  • We keep accurate records so that all payments and business transactions are honestly and completely described.
  • We are aware of our general Anti-Bribery and Corruption rules when selecting third-party service providers. We are vigilant and monitor their behavior. Never "look the other way."

Industry Experts

CorpXSasia Ltd. is very much aware of the need to ensure our clients that any industry expert we potentially hire or suggest to or on behalf of an investor client needs to have, and be able to display, the full authority provided by his/her employer to discuss and present/talk about the topics and area’s he/she has expertise on. 

The company/organization/institution that the expert represents must also be willing to confirm in writing that it agrees to the fees that the individual expert is charging either CorpXSasia Ltd. or its clients. 

CorpXSasia Ltd. only works with insight providers who can stand the test of scrutiny and have confirmed in writing that the relevant industry expert is authorised to speak on his/her topic and that he/she is authorised by the company to receive a sum of money for this effort. 

CorpXSasia Ltd. will not remunerate nor pay any invoice from any individual who cannot prove in writing that he/she is authorised to speak on behalf of his/her company/organisation/institution.

Therefore CorpXSasia Ltd. only works with 3rd party suppliers who have the infrastructure to confirm the process is legal, transparent and authorised as stated above and are able to provide proof on the above issues in writing. 

Our Services

Our services


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Our services


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