Your New Road to Corporate Access

CorpXSasia Ltd. Is the leading Corporate Access provider arranging unconflicted and regulation compliant meetings between Institutional Investors and Listed Corporates. In the current climate, where travel is somewhat impossible, the use of technology becomes crucial in keeping in touch with Investor counterparts. We provide a quality product through a high level of access, extensive network and experience, with the priority based solely on the client.

CorpXSasia provides the following services;

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Your New Road to Corporate Access

At CorpXSasia we offer both a traditional approach to Corporate Access as well as a virtual. If you are able to travel we provide the client with a complete and integrated itinerary that the investor or corporate can run independently through the provided details. Not only do we offer support before and after your trip, but ensure there are local staff available at all stages to assist with any enquiries during your trip.

For our virtual offerings we work in much the same way as our traditional corporate access offering support throughout. From investor targeting to conference call arrangement, telecom infrastructure to distribution of presentation materials, we handle each key element to ensure a productive use of your time.

Our Corporate Access is transparent in its pricing and regulation compliant. With our independent status, intimate knowledge of the global investor base, access to relevant investors and extensive experience we are best placed to handle your Corporate Access.

Unique model where the 'initiating party pays'

Independent, Experienced and Professional

CorpXSasia is a team of seasoned professionals from within the industry, having built up an extensive and unrivalled network of institutional investors and corporates in all the major financial centres globally.

In a fast changing market we aim to provide the best, unconflicted customer service by specialising in Corporate Access alone. To achieve this goal we combine modern and transparent technological solutions with bespoke, experienced and dedicated personal to provide the highest level of access.

Our Services

Our services


Regulation Compliant and Future proof

Bridging the time and language barrier resulting in an imminently more cost effective NDR.
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Our services


Bespoke, Transparent and Efficient

Efficient Corporate Access days meeting investors in any global Investment Centre.
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