Zhenro Properties Ltd.

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Monday 8th November
8:00am UKT / 9:00am CET

Head of IR - Ms. Maggie Mui
IRO - Ms. Chelsea Sun

Zhenro Properties is a relatively small property developer (Mcap USD 2bn) that is being sold off in the current Chinese Real Estate thunderstorm. The company virtually meets all three red lines (72% liabilities to total assets but management are confident this will be on the required side of the line shortly) and produced excelling 1H21 results.

The companies fundamentals seem to be stable and the company meets is bond payment obligations, it has lowered its funding costs to 6.35% blended, is actively replacing its debt instruments through repayment, early redemption and putting.

The company is very active (and is one of the first) in implementing active ESG practices; both as an industry leader in green finance as well as in implementing ESG practices in its day to day operations.

Fixed income: this meeting could also be of interest to Fixed Income investors considering its fundamentals and the recent price correction of its outstanding bonds. (source: Bloomberg & Zhenro presentation)

About Zhenro Properties Group Limited
Zhenro Properties Group Limited is a leading property developer in the PRC with nationwide business presence in six key economic regions. The Group achieved contracted sales of RMB141.9 billion in 2020 and was ranked the top 20 in the Best 200 China Property Developers by Comprehensive Strength in 2020. Upholding its brand position of "Home Upgrade Master", the Group focuses on bringing quality residences to middle class and affluent home upgraders.


Zhenro Properties Ltd.

Small Group Video Call
8th November
8am UKT / 9am CET

Zhenro Properties Ltd.

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